Here’s what makes me MAD

Driving…just moving along, making good time, staying pleasant distance from all the other vehicles, deliberately not slowing anyone else down, and keeping an eye out for traffic cops and construction… then, someone turns into my lane and slows down. That makes me mad!

A traffic signal that changes right before I get there….then hangs….let’s a complete cycle go through a second time before it somehow trips and let’s me go.

Having a commute route that leaves me no choice but to come to that traffic signal once in the early morning hours and yet again in the late evening…an different amount of traffic each time, but the same timed sequence every time…it could be 100 cars or 10 cars and the signal will be just the same!

That’s what adds spice to my life every day of every week I go to work!

What’s your HEAT on a common commute….

I have a friend who know how to handle this kind of heat.

He comes to a similar traffic intersection each day….yet, when it is his return route and there is much less traffic, he actually goes to the right, makes a “u-turn” , returns to the intersection, makes a second right and just keeps driving on…. if I tried that, I’d get a traffic ticket, or worse, someone would broadside me when I tried the “u-turn” back to the intersection.

Not him, he’s done the same maneuver at the same intersection for over 5 years…not one incident, and he consistently lowers his HEAT.

I think what I’ll do is work out a commute plan with the man…but I’d have to move to his side of town…there’s no telling how much added HEAT that would bring to my life.




What Puts the Hot in Your Sauce?

This is the place where you come to when you can to talk about the source of your HEAT!

It can be any kind of heat…when you’re hot and bothered about things at home, at work, with friends, family, or just the general public.

It might be something like, “This makes me really mad…”

Or, something like “This is the hotest stuff I’ve ever put in my mouth….”

Or, “I can’t believe this…”

Whatever it is that is the source for your frustration, aggravation, or gestation, we’re going to talk about it here!