Cow Horn Pepper…the name says it all

OK, that nit wit of a stucco contractor at came by the other day with a cow horn pepper. A cow horn pepper is green, but has a customary 6 inch length that has a distinctive curve like a… you guessed it, cow’s horn.
buffalo pepper
Now, if you haven’t been graced with a friend who lives close to where cows live, then you may not have seen the traditional, uncut horns of a cow. I have one friend that thinks that if a cow has horns, that must been it’s a bull.

Look, cow is female, bull is male, and cattle includes them all.

Back to the nit wit from, he is pathetic! He tried to introduce the cow horn pepper as a pepper of standing. We all know if it doesn’t bite, then it has no standing as a pepper.

What lame friend do you have that tries to claim something is a pepper when it has not heat?