Super Saucy

So, I was at a restaurant the other day, Mexican cuisine.

You know, a Mexican restaurant is distinguished first and foremost by its salsa, right?

These guys didn’t have a clue! It was more like tomato sauce with blended chiles. Mild, watery, and tomatoey. Yuck!

I’ve been to El Paso, Texas. I know Mexican food. In El Paso, you can help a visitor determine which place to dine by three simple questions:

1. Do you like floating tacos or dry tacos?

This determines if they want tacos that are liquidy, that use more grease in their taco meat preparation or less.

2. Do you like flour or corn tortillas?

This lends a person toward authentic Mexico-Mexican (Mex-Mex) or toward Texas-Mexican (Tex-Mex). A blue corn preference leads you toward a New Mexico-Mexican (NewMex-Mex).

That’s the thing about El Paso, it’s perfectly poised to go South, north, left or right.

3. Do you want more zing in your salsa, or more sling in your salsa?

Zing in the salsa is more chunky and uses raw, not cooked, peppers

Sling uses more cooked, in a less thick tomato base rather than pepper base.

You get those brief answers and you can guide anyone to several choice restaurants with no trouble at all.