Steven is Steaming

Does it really take “courage” to be a transvestite today?

The president of the United States has to come out when some creepy, has been sports legend can’t find any other means of stoking his craving for publicity, and say it takes courage today?

Really? How much courage does it take to go on record as not endorsing such craziness? Any encouragement there?

This guy has told the story that he turned to his reconstructive surgeon after his facial surgery and in a moment of clarity, panicked and asked, “What have I done?”

The guy doesn’t know who he is, and now, that he is completely different than how God made him, he wants others to accept him? How much sense does that make? Anybody ever heard of get good in the skin you’re in?

Identity is holistic…it includes your body, your mind, your emotions, and your soul. Are we to conclude that one of these is optional? The very act of reforming your body cosmetically will bring into alignment your total self, then aren’t we saying the body does have some vital part in all of it? If it does have a vital part, then shouldn’t we keep the one we are provided and allow it to give some instruction on who we really are as a person in mind, emotion, and soul?

This guy is messed up, and he’s gotten further messed up, now, with body, soul, mind, and spirit.

Courage? That’s ridiculous. That’s what’s the source of my hot sauce today!