Stuck on Hot, But Cooling Down

I actually know a guy and girl who play and sing jazz. Her sexy saxophone and his big bass go together like the sound of a train clipping over the rails.

To every jazz connoisseur, there is that lingering “back to it” gait that settles in the background just under the focus the music. Like an undertoe to melodic rhythm of the waves washing on the shore and running just as sweepingly back into the see, creating a common flooring where the trash and shells and drifting seaweed had been.

I don’t know if you have “heard” that crazy, over/under gait in a good piece of jazz play, but if you have, you could probably describe it better than me.

It was that very distinctive jazz dynamic that my friends and I were discussing. I asked the question of a non-artist, “How do you intentionally supply that dynamic when you are just straight line improvising (jamming) for minutes upon quarter hours at a time?”

I’ll never forget what they said…”You know hot sauce, Steven. You’ll understand it this way… you’ve got to find what is hot, stick to it, and without losing it, cool on down.”

My goodness, I know exactly what they mean….do you?