Tick Tock Hot

OK, it happened again.

The dog from down the street visited my yard and left me a little present. Two presents to be exact. Each piled neatly at the base of two different trees.

What do I do?

Someone told me to put mothballs at the base of every tree and the dog wouldn’t do his “business” in my yard. He’s still in “business” if you know what I mean.

Nit! No! Non! He did it anyway. Is this dog seriously lacking olfactory nodes? He can’t smell what I’ve been smelling for two weeks. He doesn’t have a clue.

Another friend said, “Just use one of those dog whistles.” Hey, you have to see the little freaky ninja mutt in order to blow the whistle for it to have any effect. ┬áThe little fiend comes at odd hours, unescorted by my down the street neighbor.

So, what’s a guy to do?

HOT SAUCE, my friend. Jabanero hookup… jalapeno pain, yo!

That’s right. Sniff a tote of that, my little furry friend!

I put a little pepper with it and some chili powder and paprika…threw in some crushed red pepper flakes…. gave it a little heat for real.

I grabbed a meshed packet from a little project I was doing and voila!

The critter ridder…the sling with a sting… the bag with a bang… and I placed it carefully at the base of the most often targeted “gift centers.”

I’m waiting… I’ll report soon.