Have You Had that Pesky Comment bot, yet! That makes me mad

No sooner than you put up a blog and some spammer comes along with a comment bot, saying something in broken English like, “You know what talking about. I sale SEO to make strong your blog”

That ticks me off, makes me mad, gets me hot….that some source of hot sauce for you!

When people deliberately use their intellect to seek to deceive or spam their way into your blog, then its a waste of their efforts and flings a further waste upon your time.

If you leave your blog open for legitimate comments, then you must leave yourself open to this kind of spamming.

Otherwise, you simply become a target for spam, or just a billboard on the internet highway that others can only drive by, read and keep going. No interaction, no mutual exchange of thought, no chance to actually engage with others.

Do you think just deleting such spammers is the way to handle it? Someone once told me that the greater impact to a person seeking our attention is not to go off on them, but rather to ignore them….to offer any response (favorable or disfavorable) is to reward their aggressive action to get a reaction from you.

On this occasion, I simply reported the spam but ignored the spammer. My genuine thought is, the spammer doesn’t care and the authority will be too slow to respond. To what end then, is any of it? The spammer doesn’t get what is sought, the authority is proven ineffective, and I’m troubled for nothing over something that is a nuisance.

What do you do?